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Other Cheeses


We are also pleased to offer two other cheeses in collaberation with James McCall of James's Cheeses, based in Child Okeford.

 Francis   is a semi-soft washed-rind cheese made by the famous Lyburn cheesemakers. Matured by James and available as an approx. 700g cutting cheese, it is made using pasteurised cow’s milk, and vegetarian rennet. This cheese has a smooth texture with a striking flavour underneath its wonderfully pungent orange/white rind.

 Burwood Bole  is a semi-soft washed-rind cheese in an approx. 300g individual ‘log’ shape, made by Alison here at Cranborne and matured by James in his custom built maturing rooms. It’s made using unpasteurised cow’s milk, and traditional animal rennet. This cheese is slightly firmer in texture than the Francis, but with similar characteristic flavours to the washed rind.